Release Date
June 3, 2024

Game Type
Video Slots



Zeus Thunder Fortunes

Welcome to Zeus Thunder Fortunes, where the power of the gods collides with the thrill of the reels! In this mythical slot adventure, players are whisked away to the majestic realm of Mount Olympus, where Zeus reigns supreme and divine riches await those deemed worthy.

As the reels spin across 243 ways to win, players will encounter the benevolent gaze of Zeus himself. His lightning strikes act as a 2x Multiplier Wild, electrifying the gameplay and multiplying the excitement with each electrifying win.

But beware, for the gods are known for their unpredictable nature! In the Hold & Win Bonus round, Mount Olympus transforms into a stormy battleground of lightning and thunder. Players must brave the tempestuous elements as they aim to collect and hold prizes in place. With four awe-inspiring In-Game Jackpots up for grabs, each representing a different facet of Zeus’s legacy, the stakes have never been higher.

For those daring souls seeking a shortcut to the treasures of Mount Olympus, the Bonus Buy feature beckons. With a mere click, players can bypass the base game and dive straight into the heart of the action, where Zeus stands ready to bestow great wealth upon the fortunate.

Zeus Thunder Fortunes seamlessly blends the serenity and fury of Mount Olympus into a mesmerizing slot experience. Will you emerge victorious and claim the legacy of Zeus, or will the stormy winds of fate blow in a different direction? The gods await your spin in Zeus Thunder Fortunes! Prepare to embark on an epic journey of mythical proportions.