Release Date
September 26, 2022

Game Type



Volcano Blast 10X

On a remote Polynesian island, a mighty volcano groans and grumbles, smokes and shudders, then begins to RUMBLE! Deep within this ballistic beast a molten mountain of riches is straining to erupt and shower the landscape with lava covered loot! The massive winnings that spew from the fiery mouth of the mountain may multiply payouts by over 333 times!

Volcano Blast 10X makes use of an array of beautiful icons including a tropical flower, a sweet pineapple, cherries, mangoes, tribal tiki masks, and the legendary 10x Magma Wild symbol.

This classic 3-reel slot offers insane multiplying potential with it’s single special feature, 10x Magma Wild. Landing one 10x Wild symbol earns 10x the winning combination! Landing two 10x Magma Wild symbols, earns 100x the winning combination!! Landing three 10x Magma Wild symbols wins over 333x the bet amount!!!

As players dust off the ash of a 10X volcanic blast, they can also find themselves covered in cash.