Release Date
June 17, 2024

Game Type
Video Slots



Coyote Canyon

“The coyotes are calling, and the canyon is waiting – fortune favours the bold.”

In the heart of the arid landscape surrounding Cactus Creek, Arizona, lies a mystic enclave known as Coyote Canyon. Named after the elusive trickster spirit, this sacred space is steeped in Native American folklore and shrouded in an ethereal aura that beckons adventurers seeking the secrets of the desert. Legends speak of a sacred cactus grove within the canyon, guarded by ancestral spirits. Those who dare to enter find themselves entwined with the spirits of the land, traversing sun-drenched canyons, uncovering ancient petroglyphs, and encountering wise shamans guiding them through trials of courage and wisdom. The wind whispers tales of Coyote’s mischievous deeds, weaving a narrative that unfolds amidst the mystical energy of this virtual realm, inviting the unlocking of secrets hidden within the soul of the desert.

Welcome to Coyote Canyon, a thrilling slot adventure set in Cactus Creek, a fictional area nestled in the heart of the Sonoran Desert in Arizona! This 5×3 slot, boasting 50 paylines, immerses players in the wild beauty of the desert landscape. Brace for excitement when the Call of the Coyote symbol emerges, transforming into a powerful 5x Wild and unlocking untold riches. While the game features an enticing Free Spins Bonus, the true thrill awaits in the Super Free Spins Bonus, where the 10x Wild symbol prowls the reels, multiplying wins with every spin.

Navigating this arid landscape, players may stumble upon the Petroglyph Puzzle Bonus Game, where ancient petroglyph symbols hold the key to incredible rewards. Making strategic choices unlocks the mysteries concealed within the desert. For those seeking an instant adventure, the Bonus Buy feature provides a shortcut straight into the heart of the action. The challenges of Coyote Canyon await, offering a thrilling desert quest. The coyotes are calling, and the canyon is waiting—fortune favours the bold!